For more than 35 years, the Atelier Fouasse has been restoring posters and old engravings.

A knowledge transmitted from father to son.

The idea

Preserve a document,
Bring back to life the images that are dear to us,
Beautify and highlight the posters,
Preserve our heritage.

Who are we?

Dominique Fouasse began restoring posters in 1981, at the age of 21, in Pierre Lemaire's workshop on the Ile de la Jatte.

He set up his own business in 1986 in the south of France. He is a master craftsman since 2006.

During his 35 years of practice, he has developed a solid expertise in the two essential components of his profession:

technical expertise for the restoration, reinforcement or conservation of paper supports.

Artistic quality for painting and restoring the poster to its original state, while respecting the original work.


Dominique is now passing on his passion to his son Arthur who grew up in the world of posters and has been accompanying him since 2014.

The quality of his restorations has earned him the trust of internationally renowned experts such as Camard, Alain Weill, Jack Rennert and collectors and gallery owners in Germany, England, Italy, Spain and the United States.

The Atelier Fouasse also intervenes :

- on behalf of the Ministry of Culture on the fund of the Cinémathèque Française.

- for the Ministry of Youth and Sports at the Sports Museum.

- for the city of Paris on the collections of the Fornay library and the Carnavalet museum.


Arthur develops the commercial part on the internet. 

Since his youth, Arthur Fouasse has been immersed in the world of advertising.

In contact with his father, himself an expert in poster restoration, he became immersed in this singular world.

He has built up a solid knowledge of the great names in poster design, the most remarkable graphic productions and today he has acquired an expert eye for recognizing their authenticity.

Like his father Dominique Fouasse, Arthur practices his profession with passion and competence.

As an extension of Dominique's restoration work, he naturally turned to selling, advising and brokering posters restored by L'atelier.


Before and after



"A Magnificent work that a father and son share with us, I still have a lot of admiration for the before and after
and I am waiting for the day when I will have a crush on one of the works !!!!!"

"Very good contact, I recommend"

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